Thanks for chosing my CD

I belive, you will be blessed through you choise!

Now some tecnical staff:

Read carefuly

If you desided to buy trough Moneybookers:

  • Pres  "Moneybookers buy!" button
  • New page will open.
  • Complite the form on the page 
  • Press submit botton to prosed payment

If you desided to buy trough Webmoney:

  • Pres  "Webmoney buy!" button
  • Make sure your payment comlited 
  • New page should appeare  after you payment complited 
  • Complite the form on the page
  • Press submit botton to send us you shiping details

We will ship CD next day, as we reseive you detals 
Shipping usualy takes 5-12 days, depends from country you live
30 days money back garantee 

Processing responcible person:

Ruben Meghavoryan
Adress: Armenia

Yerevan, 00078,

Halabyan ave. 53-19

Mob.Tel - +374 77 905758

Contact tel - +374 10 340298

WMID 923305418987

WM Payment - E639183647401

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